Anthony Friday

Zahid has really gone above and beyond in servicing our requirements. We presented him with a difficult task, and with a poorly defined set of requirements. Zahid put in a great deal of effort to understand our needs, and to ensure that he designed and built a solution that was very well-aligned with our business. He was always available to respond to queries, and very prompt in meeting deadlines. We have had an extremely positive experience with Zahid, and are happy to recommend both him and The CRM Solutions. In fact, the only reason that we are closing this job is because it has been open for so long. We intend to create a new job and hire Zahid again immediately.

Hammy Havoc

Incredibly talented, polite and fast. Can’t wait to do more business with Zahid in the future. If you need anything CRM, Zahid is your man.

Inge Magne Bruvik

It has been a great pleaseure to work with you in this project and I can recommend you to anyone who is in need of work for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Reporting Services.

Greg Lasica

Best experience so far in out-sourcing work for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Zahid was available, made adjustments as needed, and overall pleasant to work with. I highly recommend working with Zahid. A+++++

Ahmad Alkhawaja

He knows what he does. I needed help in CRM and he was available to do all kind of work. He was guiding me for what should be done based on my specs. This kind of skills you rarely find in other freelancers. So if you need help with CRM, stick with Zahid.

Tony Nimeh

Zahid is an excellent contractor and I would hire him again for all our future Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations work. His English is excellent having studied in the UK which really helps communications. He is very attentive to client’s needs and thinks pro-actively about problems and how to solve them quickly. Thanks Zahid!

Alfred Sinn

We work greatly with Zahid, he is very helpful, very professional, excellent in communication and IT skills, expert in Dynamics CRM. We are a small size company with limited budget on customizing the CRM. Zahid is very helpful will definitely continue working with Zahid for any further CRM work, My no.1 choice in Dynamics CRM customization work.

Edward Kachinske

Zahid and his team did a really great job for us. We gave them our end project goal, and they figured out a way to work a solution. Came within budget, and their responsiveness was great. I would definitely recommend hiring Zahid for any CRM customization / configuration / development and programming assignment.

Richard Peters

Excellent work, created the template exactly how we envisioned it and developed the system to support our requirements. Really great communication, always available and responded to any questions straight away. These guys are highly skilled and know Dynamics CRM inside out, they provided us with a first class service and saved us days of time working this out ourselves. Highly recommended and will definitely use them again for more development.

Mathew Russell

Sensational Developer. Highest quality of work.

Joe Burnstein

The contractor is very knowledgeable in Dynamics CRM, is diligent and provides a very courteous service. He stuck to the quoted price despite some unexpected system related problems. We are very pleased with this contractor and are already moving ahead with him to customize our system to suit our specific needs.

Brent Weber

Zahid did an excellent job performing the customizations for our CRM system. Communication was great and the end result was more than satisfactory.

Jeff Lewis

All excellent, Zahid is a great communicator, and highly skilled at Dynamics CRM. Thanks!

Robert Tilley

Great CRM guy!! Going to use!

Agragati Siegel

I HIGHLY recommend The CRM Solutions! Zahid is exceptionally talented, creative and works very hard to meet and exceed the expectations of the job. He did everything I asked and did it very well. I had VERY high expectations and he continued to make sure that he worked until I was completely satisfied. He can do anything related to Microsoft CRM development, even things that MVP’s can’t do! He is amazing and trustworthy. I will use him for all my developments needs. There’s nothing else to say! You must use him! Thanks so much!

John Mcnamara

Great work, we will definitely be working with Zahid and his team again.

Tym Armstrong

Zahid is great to work with. Unfortunately the project is currently postponed until we upgrade a few licenses. We will rehire him to complete this project, and others that come up.

Felix Aly

Zahid is a good consultant and very accessible when needed. Thanks!

Paul Freudenberg

Zahid did an excellent job in helping us understand the CRM issues.

Robert Tilley

This guy is a CRM master. Whether it’s implementation or customization, CRM is what he does, and he does it well! Thanks, and will use again!

David Mansfield

Zahid did a great job and within budget. In fact, we have hired him again! Would highly recommend. Very professional.

Joe Burnstein

This is our second project together. Very professional , knowledgeable and reliable contractor who honestly cares about the quality of his deliverable. Highly recommended and will be doing more together.

Noah Orenbuch

great job! will work again

Jeff Lewis

Zahid is a tremendous asset to our team. He is knowledgeable, professional, and always committed to full satisfaction. I highly recommend his services for MS Dynamics and related activities.

Tym Armstrong

Great to work with. Go above and beyond what you ask.

Adam MAF

Simply put, Amazing Job! Thanks, and stay in touch.

Frank Russo

Good to work with.

Scott Griest

Professional job on time and budget. Will use again.

Ahmad Alkhawaja

Zahid delivered exactly what I need, and he even over-delivered without me asking. Good person to work with. I actually already gave him another work, and will keep doing that in future.

Patrick Speare

Zahid was an extremely competent programmer and completed the tasks on time and as promised in his scope of work.

Larry Ficek

I had some questions about Microsoft CRM 4 and Zahid was able to assist me resolve my issue.

Anthony Friday

Zahid and The CRM Solutions were contracted to implement a comprehensive Microsoft CRM solution for Blue Zoo, allowing all staff to enjoy a consistent customer view and and deeper understanding of all client contacts. Zahid engaged extremely well with the organisation, actively adding value throughout the solution design phase, and then working diligently to ensure that the project proceeded smoothly and assisted us to yield the full benefit of the activity. His commitment to the project extended well beyond the project’s close date, continuing to offer both technology and business process suggestions to further streamline our commercial activities.

Anthony Gentilcore

Zahid is a very talented IT professional. He is result oriented and has the customer satisfaction in mind all of the time. It is a pleasure working with him.

Hammy Havoc

Zahid is highly skilled and one of the best engineers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Superb communication skills; a real modern day gentleman. I highly recommend Zahid to anybody who is looking for a highly effective and quickly implemented solution. Absolutely thrilled now that we have Dynamics CRM Server setup!

Andrew McLean

Zahid and his team are a shining example of how outsourcing and consultation should be. Perfection at every stage. Highly recommended.

Christopher Cameron

Zahid and his team delivered what we required, after suggesting an alternative development plan from our original specification. This provided us a superior implementation approach. As we have our own programming group, Zahid’s team also provided documentation so we could ‘pick up’ their programming past the initial phase of the project, getting us past the CRM SDK obstacles that had us hung up. Great job and would recommend them for other similar work.

Kuanish Berdimuratov

Zahid had worked on our Dynamics CRM Integration task and delivered the job promptly. We were seeking for a Full-stack development and deep integration with various 3rd Party systems, and finally, the Business Process seem to be working brilliantly. His response to our requests was lightning fast, and efficient. An overseas business associate recommended Zahid to us, and since then he never failed. Will work with him again on future projects.

Paul Freudenberg

Great guy, delivered and communicated very well.

Mike Johnstone

Professional and knowledgeable of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular.

Ardavan Gurg

Thank you for all your help. I was able to finish it by converting default website to port 444 and CRM to port 445.

Henry Schuck

Zahid and his team are well versed in all Microsoft technologies. They completed our job on time, on budget and with top quality code. He was readily available to answer questions and revise our workflows.

Mary Layman

Zahid and I are currently working on marketing his CRM services to my clients through packages. Since we had not clocked time recently, ODesk automatically closed the contract. However, I plan on rehiring Zahid as soon as we close our first package deal.

Christopher Cameron

Another very good job on a more complex MS CRM project. Was diligient in cleaning up open issues at the conclusion, and addressed every item we identified. Also, was available and answered some of technical questions along the way. Would highly recommend for any MS CRM programming project.

Axel Kravatzky

Very responsive, efficient, and fast. Thank you.

Steve Tucker

Very knowledgeable team. They know their stuff when it comes to CRM.

Tony Riggs

Very easy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable!

Anthony Gentilcore

Overall, the project went well like all the other projects with them. They had a slight issue in configuration for one of the component but with the collaboration of our team, everything worked at the end.

Sana M Naveri

Professional and friendly.

Ori Livni

Zahid is a professional CRM programmer, he understand well many aspects in the CRM and has been able to solve problems which isn’t related directly yo the job and amazed us by his skills. I would recommend about him to anyone.

Daniel Levin

Great to work with.

Daniel Levin

It does not get any better than this. The CRM Solution, perfect every time.

Gregg Hutson

It does not get any better than this. The CRM Solution, perfect every time.

Jason Knowles

Excellent work again, They really know their stuff!!!

Richard Peters

Excellent service as always, fast response and great communications, highly recommended.

Alfred Sinn

Good people to deal with, 100% recommendation.

Joe Burnstein

Excellent and reliable contractor!

Christopher Cameron

Zahid and his team did a very good job with the project requirements. Actually innovated above and beyond the requirements and delivered code that we were able to use to broaden our initiatives. All within the project scope and fixed fee. Great job!

Andrew McLean

Great stuff, Professional and delivered ahead of schedule, A++.

Alfred Sinn

Good guy to work with, highly recommended.

Anthony Gentilcore

It’s been great working with Zahid. The communication was clear and the work was delivered as requested. He is also very knowledgable in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Nicholas Melissas

Excellent work delivered promptly and as required! Perfect!

Geoffrey Nicholas

Good job by The CRM Solutions team.

Frank Donny

Very good work. I would recommend and use them again.

Ori Livni

Very professional person to work with.