Low Cost CRM Customizations


Every business vertical is unique and so is its implementation. Careful consideration needs to be taken in the analysis and discovery phase to build a business solution that is scalable and should be customized in such a manner that future enhancements can easily be accomplished with minimal amount of time and efforts.

With the customization feature of a CRM; enhancements can easily be made to the user interface with no or minimal amount of programming knowledge needed to configure any basic business solution. For any complex business customizations you need dedicated resources that have the necessary experience and expertise and who know how to work and code on the development and back-end of the CRM solution.

When it comes to customizations Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one solution that is easy to deploy, customize, integrate, and extend and can be easily adapted to meet a wide range of organizational and industry-specific business needs. As a true N-tiered Internet-architecture application, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a solution that can be scaled up or out, and that can be customized to a high degree.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with standardized forms that have been developed using “best practices” for CRM. A systems administrator can modify these forms to suit an organization’s need, whether to capture additional information or to modify the location of fields for ease of use. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one solution that gives its users the leverage to customize the out-of-the-box solution and molding it as per any business vertical requirements. Form customizations are simple and intuitive with drag and drop feature for doing simple customizations like adding fields and attributes.

There are several levels of customization possible in Microsoft Dynamics 365—database schema, application (including customizing forms, views, and templates), and business processes. In the UI, forms, views, and previews can be modified to allow the business to achieve the level of specialization required. This level of customization can be superficial or require modifications to the database schema. Both types of customization can be accomplished easily with the System Customization area in the application.

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