Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 IFD


Internet Facing Deployment or IFD in short is a configuration process that enables remote users to connect to an On-Premise deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the Internet, outside the company firewall, without using a virtual private network (VPN) solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM configured for Internet access uses claims-based authentication to verify credentials of external users. If users are using any mobile CRM client (like a smart phone, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone or a tablet), then IFD is the only way to get those to work.

In claims-based authentication, an identity provider, or security token service, responds to authentication requests and issues SAML security tokens that include any number of claims about a user, such as a user name and groups the user belongs to. A relying party application receives the SAML token and uses the claims inside to decide whether to grant the client access to the requested resource. Claims-based authentication can be used to authenticate your organization’s internal users, external users, and users from partner organizations.

To let users access the application over the Internet, the server that is running Internet Information Services (IIS) where the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application is installed must be available over the Internet. A successful implementation of IFD has dependency on several elements that includes a Certificate, Public / Internal DNS, STS / ADFS Provider and exposing the STS / ADFS Provider to the internet.

For any organization that wants to deploy an Internet Facing Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise, they need to account for the skill set needed to set it up and running correctly with the minimum of down-time and also take all necessary steps for the security of their data and application. This is where an experienced team with technical expertise and years of experience in setting up Internet Facing Deployments for Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in handy.

At The CRM Solutions we have been successfully setting up Internet Facing Deployment for our clients all over the world. Our technical expertise in this area are unmatched with over 25+ IFDs configured for different clients till date. We also provide post deployment support for IFDs as well. So if you are looking to setup Internet Facing Deployment for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can fill our Quote form or you can also email your requirements at

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