How CRM is Different from an ERP


One of the common questions we are asked related to CRM software is how CRM is different from ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software? Basically, they are distinctly different but also similar technologies; CRM is primarily focused on the sales, marketing and customer experience processes whereas ERP covers everything in an organization from financials, inventory management, warehouse management, project management etc.

So, all the functions and departments capabilities you have in your organization generally ERP systems are designed to try to address most of those needs which also includes CRM. So, CRM is basically one potential module within a broader ERP system.

Often times organizations are faced with in terms of in-decision is do we want to go find a CRM system that specializes in CRM and does it really really well it works very deep in that capability or do we want to find a broader ERP solution that could do many things including CRM may be not as well as a standalone CRM system but you get the benefit of a single system across your entire enterprise.

So that’s the main difference between ERP and CRM and which is best for you all comes down to your priorities and your needs as an organization. So, these are just some of the things as you try to think about what is CRM and more importantly what could it mean to my organization moving forward.

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