Businesses around the world are seeing the benefits of helping employees work smarter together, automating cumbersome manual tasks, and using customer data as a factor in deciding what to offer. The CRM solutions with the help of cloud and mobile is becoming a means of transforming business processes and enabling new work flows. CRM makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to use technology as a competitive advantage.

What is CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategy which gives an organization the ability to manage its customers in an effective and efficient manner for achieving business goals. The strongest aspect of CRM is that its data is kept centralized accessible throughout the organization. It is very cost-effective to run and is available anywhere and anytime with the goal of improving customer service relationships and assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.

CRM gate
CRM gate is an all-in-one business management application built for individuals and SMEs in retail, wholesale and distribution business to operate their business more effectively & efficiently. CRM gate has all the right features built-in that can fast track your sales activities and you can start selling the minute you sign up to the system. Core modules include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Selling, Purchasing and Real-time Reporting with data driven Dashboards.


Lead Management

CRM gate helps you get up and running in minutes. You can start working on your leads as they come and plan accordingly to get the most out of them. Be productive from the word Go. At its most basic, CRM is a system designed to help a business better communicate with their customers. As such, tracking every potential customer as it progresses through the sales pipeline is a feature that no CRM should be without.

Customer Management

CRM gate helps a business from first contact, to purchase, and beyond, covering all aspects of your interaction with your customer in your sales cycle. CRM gate records, retrieves and manages all customer related data also providing in-depth analysis for your sales and marketing teams for a better customer experience it combines technology, strategy, and resources to improve how the customer experiences your business.

Deals Management

CRM gate organizes everything you need to know about each deal, helping you and your team accomplish more. Easily follow all your deals so your team has more time to plan, sell and win more. The core feature in any CRM is the deal management. With CRM gate, you can close more deals quickly and more efficiently. CRM gate organizes everything you need to know about each deal, helping you and your team accomplish more.

Product Management

CRM gate allows you to list all of your products related to a specific deal in your sales process. Products can be either goods or services, which are sold or procured by your organization. In CRM gate, you can manage your company- wide products that are sold to the customers as well as procured from vendors and all the activities related to developing, marketing and selling a product.

Vendor Management

CRM gate vendor management functionality provides you with total control and flexibility to manage, optimize and automate the oversight of vendor relationships. Resources within the platform helps you to easily collaborate with your vendors and suppliers and gain real-time visibility. Get a 360-degree view of all vendors information and communications.

Finance Management

CRM gate provides you with vital financial information and key financial indicators of your business whenever you want them with a combination of web-based software and personalized service with real-time sales reporting and provides businesses with a full suite of accounting functions to track daily financial operations and accurate business reporting.

Sales Management

CRM gate gives you productivity and helps you leverage customer insights and ultimately win more business. It actually empowers the performance and effectiveness of your organization's sales reps and functions.

Marketing Management

CRM gate gives you the right tools to market your products with ease as customer loyalty and brand value are built through aggressively marketing your products. With CRM gate's intuitive marketing strategy you can capture more customers.

Support Management

CRM gate helps you measure and improve service quality with real-time updates. You can engage with customers and expedite resolutions by managing support cases across multiple communications channels.

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