About Us

The CRM Solutions is a born-in-the-cloud technology company providing CRM implementation, Web Development & BPO Services to companies of all sizes around the world with a major focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 product. We also offer a full range of development services to our clients with specific focus on their business and operational objectives making sure whatever the client is trying to achieve happens on time and within budget.


We work utmost to the satisfaction of our valued clients which remains an essence of our company. We have a very proficient team of qualified, experienced and dedicated IT Professionals; with some of them having worked on-site on various small to large scale projects for our clients in several different countries like UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Dubai altogether possessing rich development, analysis and consultancy expertise.

What We Do

We at The CRM Solutions build strategies for businesses so that they can multiply their customer base at a fast rate with fully automated business processes using CRM that is easy to implement and gives long-run incentives for profitable business relationships with customers. We understand every vertical market has a unique business model and needs to be updated with the latest tools and technologies so that it remains profitable and sees an increase in it’s market share.


We focus at the needs of our clients to provide 100% satisfaction. We don’t just do the job, we do it right and perhaps it is this obsession of doing things right, along with attention to detail that brings customers back to us time and again. We have been delivering quality to our customers for nearly a decade and take great pride in our collaborations and partnerships, building lifelong relationships that are mutually beneficial. Let’s get in touch, We’re excited to help you on your journey!


Ideas are just ideas. But an idea can become a seed of a successful product or service like Amazon, Facebook, AliBaba etc. to name a few. Lots of peoples have ideas but they don’t know how to bring it to reality? May be you have an idea as well? Let’s share it with us and we’ll bring it to life.


The CRM Solutions can help startups and new businesses to broaden their ideas and provide them with the latest tools and technologies that they can use to fulfill their dreams with keeping the costs down and focusing only on the outcome that they desire.


The CRM Solutions vision is to empower startups and new businesses with the right tools that can help them focus more on bringing new customers and a better Returns On Investment.


Our vision is to give direction to a business from which they can be successful. Our vision is to give exposure to a business from which they can withstand the competition. Our vision is to provide expertise to a business from which they can do better than their competitors. Our vision is to streamline automated business processes from which a business can prosper quickly and smoothly.


The CRM Solutions believes sales is the basis to success in business. But before that by creating something of real value or by building a product or service that improves the lives of others, you can quite literally transform your business to an empire.


The key or the secret to be a successful business is simply to focus on improving the consumer’s life and what their true needs and issues are and then go about fixing them which will give your business shape and reaches new heights. Everyone deserves a success, and we’re excited to see how you succeed collaborating with us.